Crepes, Wine and Castles

Today I want to share a story about my favorite city in Germany. If you’ve ever visited Deutschland during the holidays you’ll understand how magical it can be. Nearly every town has a Christmas market with food and gluehwein (amazing mulled wine) and so much more! I didn’t take this trip during the holidays but it was just as magical.

Nestled in the hills just a short drive down the Autobahn from Frankfort sits the cozy little town of Heidelberg. I fell in love with Heidelberg the moment I stepped onto the cobblestone streets of Old Town. Up on the hill sits the ruins of Heidelberg Castle which was originally constructed in 1214. It’s absolutely gorgeous and is the perfect backdrop for the quaint town square below. My crew and I found ourselves with a longer than usual ground time so we rented a car and set out on our adventure to explore the Marktplatz (marketplace).


Heidelberg Castle
Heidelberg Castle


As I walked through the tiny streets and alleys I was absolutely mesmerized by every single building and shop we passed. My girlfriend and I quickly saw a restaurant in the square and found a seat for lunch. With a view of the castle like we had, there’s no way we could have had a bad time. We sipped our wine, ate our flatbreads, had nutella crepes for dessert and I enjoyed every single second.  Once we had our fill we walked through the streets and shopped for trinkets. Heidelberg is also home to the Karl Theodore Bridge, also referred to as “Old Bridge.” haha Creative.



Old Bridge
Neckar River

I’ve only been to Heidelberg once but it’s still my favorite destination. Each time I fly to Germany I hope to have some time off so I can once again drink wine in the town square and gaze at that beautiful castle.

Have you ever visited someplace that took your breath away? Share your story in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Crepes, Wine and Castles

  1. You have to go to st. Goar on the Rhein River and visit Rheinfels Castle very beautiful. We are planning to go with Judi and Troy iand the boys next spring. And of course the tulips in Holland also.

    1. Ha!! It’s just that I didn’t know how to put into words how incredibly.. awesome he was. lol I can make that trip into a 3-part series. We did so many things!

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